Brian Hart – Frame De Art II – Englewood, CO – 05/12/2009

WINNER! Best Custom Framing in Denver, CO
There are so many reasons to have the Wizard mat cutter and IF Visualization Software. They allow me to be better than the competition, and offer many options to my customers. I have many repeat customers who want the same design time after time, and with my Wizard I can give it to them exactly the same, with a very quick set-up. Plus using IF Visualization to show a customer what their art will look like framed before it is actually framed creates excitement in the customer.

Before I got my Wizard CMC I had far fewer mat cutting options to offer my customers. I was not able to be as creative and not able to offer the exact same design at a later date.

It did not take me long to start using the Wizard mat cutter, but everyday I am learning new tricks and designs it offers. It seems as though the possibilities are only limited by my imagination. The IF Visualization Software is very easy to use as well. Both set-ups do not require you to spend all day, and you can be up and running very quickly.

Now I can offer so much to my customers and they enjoy seeing what the possibilities are with both the Wizard and the Visualization Software. It is nice to be able to tell a customer, that we can frame the same design and collage year after year.

Even after 12 years as a Wizard Customer, I have not exhausted all the possibilities these products have to offer. My Wizard products have paid for themselves many times over.

I honestly cannot imagine owning a frame store without a Wizard mat cutter. For any frame store that is serious about being in business and great customer service, they must have the Wizard CMC and IF Visualization.

Wizard really knows what a frame store customer needs and helps me be one of the best picture frame stores in Denver. The products work seamlessly and will only get better.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Wizard CMC and IF Visualization Software have contributed to my store being voted Best Custom Frame Store in Denver for 2008.

Wizard is excited when I succeed!
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