One of the nicest customers and friends gave us today possibly the nicest recommendations ever! Thank you Gareth Heyman of MorEvents! “Friends and colleagues. Not often enough in my personal and professional world do I find myself so positively blown away with service and expectations that I am able to shout about it. Brian Hart and his framing store Frame De Art on South Broadway is so high up on the list that I feel like I need a new category.
I have to share a story of service…
Both MorEvents and I personally do all our framing there. Recently we hired Brian to build some custom corporate framed gifts of sports memorabilia with our custom creative elements. The end products were amazing. Another company packed and shipped these to our client in Austin. They all arrived broken. We called Brian, as these needed to be remade (again he had nothing to do with the packaging or shipping). Without missing a beat he amazingly expedited these being remade. All of us were concerned about repacking and shipping and getting the same results. This is the ARE YOU KIDDING ME PART…Brian loaded up his truck with our gifts and personally drove them to Austin and delivered them to our client. Unbelievably wonderful customer service.
Friends, by no means am I suggesting you ask him to deliver your frames out of town, but I do suggest you stop in and say hi if you have any framing needs, or wanna go for a great bike ride. I will also note they are the official framers of the CC arts Festival and sponsor of so many philanthropic things in town.
Thanks Brian. You rock!!”